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Boise native Scott Spencer of (Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated) is the namesake and founder of Spencer Air, Incorporated. 

The company was founded and continues to be operated by Scott and his wife Laurie who is also closely associated with the day-to-day operations of the company.

While operating on a global basis for their clients, the Spencer’s still prefer to call Boise, Idaho their family home and to make the beautiful city of trees “Home Port” for their business, Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated. Not only is Boise well known in ballooning circles as having some of the best weather conditions for ballooning anywhere on the planet it is a fantastic family oriented community to call home.

Scott Spencer has a “full speed ahead” reputation for getting the difficult projects done and history shows an impressive and successful record in the production and execution of hot air balloon promotions.

Lighter Than Air America’s success is directly attributed to Spencer’s tenacity and skill as a business entrepreneur and it certainly doesn’t hurt that we believe we have the best pilots and support crew in the balloon business, anywhere in the world.  
Scott Spencer’s Lighter Than Air America is big enough to provide the prompt services required by the diversity of our client base with a quick response anywhere in the world, yet small enough to provide ongoing personal service to our customers in the planning and execution of their promotional activities.  
We take a great deal of pride in being innovative and forward thinking in our approach to finding new ways to promote the products and services of our clients. 

Scott and Laurie Spencer
Scott Spencer, Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated President
with wife Laurie Spencer in Disney flying costume.

Information for our friends in the media …

Scott Spencer - Balloon Pilot
Scott Spencer, Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated
President and Director of Flight Operations

As President and Director of Flight Operations, Scott's approach to the business of ballooning is with a unique eye for the potential that hot air balloons can bring to a corporate client.  

Scott has an award winning approach to the promotional and media opportunities that balloons provide his corporate clients and is always working on something new. Scott's leadership of the Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated family has grown the company into the “go to" provider of corporate ballooning and promotional activity.


Laurie Spencer - Balloon Pilot
Laurie Spencer, Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated
Vice President, Pilot

The undisputed 'better half' of Lighter Than Air America specializes in the physical logistics of the company's operations and special events. Laurie Spencer also maintains all responsibility for the specialty clothing the company produces for its flight teams, events and consumer retail programs.
With nearly 1,000 hours of flight in hot air balloons, Laurie has earned a reputation as one of the nations leading female corporate balloon pilots and remains the only female pilot ever assigned full time duty on the Coke, Kellogg and Disney balloon programs.  

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Scott Spencer - Pilot
Scott Spencer, President, Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated
(color image)


Laurie Spencer - Pilot
Laurie Spencer, Vice President, Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated
(color image)


Scott Spencer - Pilot BW image
Scott Spencer, President, Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated
(black & white image)


Laurie Spencer - Pilot BW image
Laurie Spencer, Vice President, Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated
(black & white image)


Scott L. Spencer
Boise, Idaho
Scott Spencer’s - Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated

Media Bio

Scott Spencer took his first balloon ride on February 18, 1971 in Kuna, Idaho and has owned over 50 different sport and commercial hot air balloons during his long career.

Spencer is recognized as being highly responsible for the advent of ballooning as a sport in the Pacific Northwest.

Scott has always been dedicated to the basic promotion of the sport to the general public as a family oriented, fun filled activity.

In 1976, Scott co-founded the Northwest Ballooning Association (NBA) and is a four time office holder in that organization. Spencer remains the only NBA pilot to win back to back “Champion Aeronaut” awards in 1978 and 1979.

In his forty-two (42) year career as a balloonist, Scott has logged over 6,000  hours of flight, and says : “That’s an awfully long time to be standing in one  place going nowhere in particular”.

Scott’s aviation background includes airplanes, jets, sailplanes and helicopters.  He spent eight years as Vice President of marketing for Jet Helicopters, Inc. allowing Scott a unique opportunity and insight into the world of corporate aviation. The foundation of his ballooning companies are modeled from that experience.

As President of Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated, the only ballooning operation in the United States that dedicates its entire operation to corporate aerial promotion, Spencer continues to break new ground with innovative ways to “expose” his client’s logos to the world.

Currently, Spencer's companies own, operate and maintain balloons for some of the highest profile companies in North America including Coca-Cola, the Walt Disney Company, Kellogg’s and regional giants Peak Broadcasting and KTVB, News 7.

In 2005, Lighter Than Air America added the Disneyland Resort to its client list when Scott and wife Laurie were honored by Disney to serve as pilot's for Disney's 'Happiest Balloon On Earth' tour, a celebration of Disneyland Resort, Anaheim’s 50th Anniversary.

Scott is best known in professional ballooning circles for his “on site” work with the general public during flight operations and promotional events for his clients.

Spencer’s ability to promote product and service is award winning and certainly justifies his reputation as ballooning’s Aerial Ambassador. Scott loves to involve the public in his balloon flights and can usually be found telling children and their parents all about the sport of ballooning, both before and after most flight operations.

Scott is a multiple award winning balloon event producer, providing balloonists and the general public with some of the finest ballooning events ever produced.

Spencer has produced nearly fifty signature balloon events during his career.  The most notable being the Coca-Cola Countdown to 2,000 which was viewed on live television internationally and in the United States by 175 million households.

Scott created and founded the Le Societe De Alzheimer ballooning organization in 1987 and the Northwest Aviators Association, an FAA approved drug -abatement program in 1990.

Scott visits as many as fifty schools each year, sharing ballooning and various timely messages with the school's students after each flight demonstration.

In August of 1989, Scott flew as passengers, the first Soviet citizens (known) to  fly in a sport balloon.

On November 16, 1989, Scott made the first in-door, non tethered balloon flight in Seattle’s King Dome.

On April 10, 2006, Scott made the first known inflation and launch from the floor of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.

Known to his friends as 'Scotty' or 'Admiral', the father of two adult daughters can be found in the constant company of his best friend and wife, Laurie. (Laurie is an incredible balloon pilot as well) Now a grandfather of three, 2 boys and a girl, Scott knows life simply does not get any better.

Scott is easy to spot on the launch field by his trade mark sunglasses and often, a very large crowd. 

Scott is an avid photographer and enjoys a fully equipped digital studio in his spare time.

Scott and Laurie own a Motor Yacht that they spend their free time on. In the winter, the boat is moored in Lake Mead Nevada and moved to Idaho in the summer months.

Scott says he has had four inspired moments in his ballooning career.

The first came in 1995 when he was named 'Pilot of the Year' by members of the Northwest Ballooning Association, an honor that was repeated in 2000 making him the only two time winner of that award. 

The third was a flight operation conducted in Disney's 'Happiest Balloon on Earth' from the floor of the Grand Canyon and the fourth, easily the most enjoyable flight ever conducted was on July 17, 2006 at Disneyland as part of that 'Parks' 50th Birthday.

Several ballooning events were planned in 2011 to mark Scott’s 40th year of ballooning.


Laurie Spencer
Boise, Idaho
Vice President
Scott Spencer’s - Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated

Media Bio

Laurie has been flying hot air balloons for almost two decades and is regarded as one of the foremost female corporate balloon pilots in the United States.

Laurie is the first female pilot to fly a Disney or Coca-Cola hot air balloon.
Flying some of the most prominent corporate logos in the world Laurie has left a smile wherever she visits. Laurie is comfortable in all the balloons the company flies for its clients and does regular pilot duty in all of them. 

Laurie also serves as Vice President of the family ballooning business, Lighter Than Air America, where she assumes responsibility for the smooth running of the office and operational support staff.
Laurie co-hosts and produces the companies Special Events with her husband, Scott. She enjoys focusing her attention on the logistical aspects of hosting the guest pilots during these events.

With husband Scott, Laurie visits as many as fifty schools each year teaching students the importance of getting a good education. That is over 50,000 students a year that get to enjoy a personal visit by Laurie and her Lighter Than Air America balloons !

Laurie is a confident interview when doing television, radio, and newspaper interviews and her lighter hearted, positive attitude for the sport of ballooning is easily felt (conveyed) in each and every interview.

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